Tuesday, February 8, 2011

love is addiction...

9th january,2010 was the day when i touched the divine soul of my life,the soul that lives in her but has always been a part of me.
7th february,2011 was the day darkest day of my life,this was the day when half of my soul had left me forever,yes she is gone forever.

the only person responsible is me,i am the one who broke her heart.
i never respected her love,i always felt she loves me,but the truth is she has always been in love with me since i was born.i could say that,she had been in love with me from the time i was born.

my destiny has always been her,but i ....... yes i....only me,who killed her,pierced her to the bottom of her heart.
she can never be so alive again because i have dumped her,
she won't smile again because i have touched her lips,
she won't trust again because i have been a part of her life.

He shall never forgive me because i have just broken the heart of one of the sweetest daughters of Him.

she tries to be angry on me but i do know she hurts herself whenever she does that.

i only gave her sleepless nights and restless days.
i am sorry baby,i am really sorry for that...for not being the best love of your life.

i have always loved you baby and for the rest of my life i will keep loving you because you are the only reason,i felt LOVE.

LOVE is beautiful,its the best gift He can ever give to any person in the whole universe.

i wish ,if u can forgive me....i don't deserve that but still i am hoping for that.

if God gives me another life,i wish we don't meet again because i can't see tears on your eyes.
i can't hurt u baby...because i love u....i love u very much.....oh God please,for the sake of love,
please let people understand love......