Thursday, January 1, 2009

mama i love u

mama u r d most amazing thing ever happened 2 me,
no matter what  u have always been there 4 me,
you are like a walking miracle,
the hardwork you do,so unselfishly,
makes me grateful to you

the way you take care of me when i m sick,
the way you put your hand on my forehead,
the way you say "i trust you",
the way you  you always forgive me,
the way take responsibility of all my wrong doings,
the way you give me strength when i fall,
the way you pray 4 me ,
the way prepare my lunch,
the way you clean my clothes,
the way you try to hide your emotions blissfully,so that i do not falter,
i gaze in wonder,
how can any one be so pure of heart

when i put my head on your lap,
i feel so calm,peace,refresh in energy,protected,safe,
i can feel like as i am sorrounded by some white energy,
thats possible because you are nothing but RAB in human form

nobody loves me like you mama,
no matter what i do,
good or bad,happy or sad,
you always give me strength,
to face the world,
so that i never falter

i can see you hiding those tears,
when i get hurt,
i wish i can give you the life of queen,
give you all the comfort

the sacrifices and the hardwork you do,
will never go down the drain,
i will never let u down mama,
because i love you,respect you,pray you,
above all,i love you,
you are the greatest mother of all.

"kyunki tujme rab dekhta hai"