Saturday, April 11, 2009

questions to Mr. Candidate....

1. have you ever seen that old lady with amputed fingers sitting in regal subway begging day and     night???

2. have you ever noticed kids entertaining and showing  gymnastics in red lights???

3. have you ever seen a cop abusing an old aunty in the middle of the street???

4. have you seen a conductor harassing an innocent girl and eve teasing her in a jammed bus???

5. have you seen seniormost citizens working in hotels for 50/- a day????

6. have you seen cops fighting over borders of their work,while a young man is dying on a pool of      blood????

7. have you seen a girl being abducted by 5 guys while her husband is looking helplessly???(most     bizarre incident,if any1 asks me)

8. have you ever visited a martyr's home,who gave his life for you and us??....have you talked to    his 6 yr old kid,who is still hoping to see his father after one more month of his(his  dad)servicing period????

9. have you met  the parents of a girl who has been sold to a brothel for just 2000/- ??

10. have you met the parents of a bright and scholar  student who killed himself just after he              failed in  an entrance  exam.....cuz he dint belong to a reserved category ?????

"i have got so many questions to ask,but whats the use....???......but i will ask and do whatever i can as a responsible citizen ".......