Thursday, April 30, 2009

dard maine jo tumko diye!!!!!!!!!

soni soni se zindagi thi meri
dhundhta tha kab wo ayegi
fir wo jo muje mili ek rah par
uske aanchal ki chao mujko chu gayi

wo kehti rahi dil me basta hoon main uske,
aitbaar na kiya maine uske batoon pe,
jhagarta raha jab bhi wo milne aati,
kaanto bhare pyar me wo roti rahi

dhyan na diya maine,
jab wo kehti rahi "hum chale jayenge",
kash mai khudko sambhal paata,
kash mai uske gum ko samajh paata

apne hatho se khushiyo ka gala maine ghot diya,
apne dil ke sukun ko bechen mai kar gaya,
wo achanak hai muje chod gaya,
in soni aankhon me aansu hai wo de gaya,

kitne aas usne mujse lagaye honge,
kitna pyar usne mujse kiya hoga,
jisne roshan ki meri zindagi,
uski aankhon ko dard mai de gaya

mere jaisa koi uski zindagi me na aaye,
uske hisse ke sare aansu mujko miley,
pyar me kisi ka bas to nahi,
par jisse bhi use pyar ho wo mai na hoo

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

mind your tongue!!!!!!!

i felt for only only one girl in my whole life.......

i dont know her address,
but her second home lies in my heart,
when i look in her eyes,
i can see d waves in ocean,
when i see d space between her lips,
i wish i can hide myself there,

she has the eyes,
that can beat the shit out of a criminal,
and find d deepest emotion out of you,

always down to earth,
always ready to help,
always ready to hold,
always knows even before i  say,

so never link me up with any girl....dont u dare......
i dont love any girl......i only felt for her.....and now she is gone,my love is also mind ya bloody tongue.......

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

kaun hai wo????

teri aankhon ki roshni me....
dhundo fiza...
tumhe chahu mai itna....
dewanoo jaisa...

teri husn ki chamak se...
jag utha jaha....
teri julfo ki khusboo me.....
mai madhosh hua......

ps: are mai candles ki baat kar raha hu........light hi nahi aati.........ab to mombatti me hi ladki najar aati hai.......

Sunday, April 19, 2009

dont laugh....!!

                       who says i m 
                        i have got
                       boy friends

ps:   i m straight straight straight...........dont u guys understand
        oye muje ladkiya pasand hai samjhe..........lolzzzzzzz

Saturday, April 18, 2009

d names i have......



               nitro booster


               chirkut lal

                        gay (i m straight ok)

                          deepankar (my original name but never used it)


ps: akhri wala to sirf official documents me hi ab use hota hai...:(

Thursday, April 16, 2009

last nyt b4 last day of college...

"got all clothes pressed
got my new T-shirt out 
completed my all assignments
put my pen drive in my get movies...
shoes are shining...
checked all library books...
o yeah i have again forgotten to put my i will keep it b4 i forget....
so it seems like ..m ready for 2morro everything looks pretty much set...."

no more such arrangements after tonight.....cuz 2morro is d last day of my college...
i m gonna miss my college...

angels protect us!!!!

hum sab 2 tarah ki chat se dhake hote hai.....
jo upar ki chat hoti hai wo sakht hoti hai...
wo hume har tarah ki mushkilo se bachati hai....
aur hume majboot banati hai....
par jo ander ki chat hoti hai wo behet komal hoti hai....
ek ful jaisi....
wo hume sehlati hai aur humara khyal rakhti hai.....
jab ek chat bhi dah jaye to dusre pe kafi bhar pad jata hai....
tab hume apne dono hatho se dusre chat ko sambhalne ke sath sath....
khudko bhi sambhalna padta hai....

"life gets too rude sometimes,but brings peace as well "

Monday, April 13, 2009

hi dudes!!!!!!!!

                 looking for girl???????

                   hey listen up 
                keep it to your self

               girl is a danger zone

                       similar to

               korean borders

            boy doesnt need a girl

                girl needs a guy

                   fall in love

                  u will fuse


                its only you who ll


               show ya attitude

               if she looks @ u

               dont look @ her

             show ur hard face

           as  if u dont give a shit

           trust me she will burn

                    to death

              love is a lockdown

              u will be in a cell
                so u choose

            what u wanna be

           either u get lockdown

              flirt like me

Saturday, April 11, 2009

questions to Mr. Candidate....

1. have you ever seen that old lady with amputed fingers sitting in regal subway begging day and     night???

2. have you ever noticed kids entertaining and showing  gymnastics in red lights???

3. have you ever seen a cop abusing an old aunty in the middle of the street???

4. have you seen a conductor harassing an innocent girl and eve teasing her in a jammed bus???

5. have you seen seniormost citizens working in hotels for 50/- a day????

6. have you seen cops fighting over borders of their work,while a young man is dying on a pool of      blood????

7. have you seen a girl being abducted by 5 guys while her husband is looking helplessly???(most     bizarre incident,if any1 asks me)

8. have you ever visited a martyr's home,who gave his life for you and us??....have you talked to    his 6 yr old kid,who is still hoping to see his father after one more month of his(his  dad)servicing period????

9. have you met  the parents of a girl who has been sold to a brothel for just 2000/- ??

10. have you met the parents of a bright and scholar  student who killed himself just after he              failed in  an entrance  exam.....cuz he dint belong to a reserved category ?????

"i have got so many questions to ask,but whats the use....???......but i will ask and do whatever i can as a responsible citizen ".......

Thursday, April 9, 2009

gray levels in life....

years have gone by....days looked like minutes....and now here he stands.....going to face the real world...uleashing himself and spreading arms to take whatever comes to him.....

a 5 yr old kid never knows whats its gonna like to be alone,cuz his parents always stand by his side and never left him alone.he never goes to a shopping complex without his mom and doesnt know the taste of a wine,cuz he is not allowed to have.he doesnt know how to take care of himself or his parents.he is living in a world fenced by the power of love of his parents.

but now the time has come.when there will be no fencing,there will be no back support from his family...he will be on his own,he is gonna have to stand in the middle of the arena and play the ball game. there will be no stretcher for him even he gets hurt both emotionally as well as physically.he will have to stand on his own and glue his own pieces.
he will go to work,he will date girls,he will have to study for MBA,he will have to send money back home,even if he knows his family doesnt need money ...its just to show that he will never forget his family's efforts in making him an educated and a dependaple citizen of the society.

he will never be looking at the things that he always used to with ,when he was a kid......
he has now got a different perspective of viewing and analysing the situations.....he have to have a self fish kind a attitude otherwise the people sorrounding him are gonna rip him apart.
he cant even afford to trust his school time mate,cuz its a professional world,people have to fight for survival and he has to survive and win.
there is no second chance ,he has to convert every chance that comes into a productive result and let every1 feel the heat,let them burn from inside and do stupid things that will ultimately benefit him.

no matter how much he hides his emotions,he knows he will always need some one whom he can talk to.....and who can that be???offcors that will be a girl......he will search for girls,he will go on dates and read their minds .but he has to be over cautious.......he cant afford to spend money on them just to hook up with them,so he must restrict and wait for the right girl.she will come,whenever HE calls.

and a day may come when a girl leaves him,that may be the worst day of his life......he will be broken to pieces like will get difficult for him to make a come back.....but he has to,cuz everything depends on him......he has to  pay back his loan,he has to complete his MBA,he has to keep sending money to his parents,he has to complete projects within the specified deadlines.....he has to change again,he has to recover from that injury and stop any more blood clots from happening.......he will change and he will rise again from his own ashes like a phoenix does and become what he is meant to be......he will use his energy to pursue happiness cuz money never brings peace neither does love....only the efforts and work he does will  drain him off of all his energy,so that he can go home and sleep in PEACE  still having shoes and his lovely tuxedo on.

                                    "skin remains only suits change"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

is raat tu na ja!!!!!

pyar ki ye raat hai
ho rahi barsaat hai
kaisa ye tera dar hai
jab mai tere sath hu

kaisi madhosh raat hai
tuje chune ka man hai
kaisi teri ye jidd hai
muje chodke tu na ja

dekhu tuje jate huye
ae hawayo rok le meri jaan ko
bas ye meri khwaish hai
is raat tu na ja

kaise tuje mai samjhau
band jo karu mai ankhon ko
tu hi tu dekhe har jagah hai
is raat tu na ja

char palo ki ye jindagi hai
do pal ki khushi de ja muje
reh na paunga tere bin
is raat tu na ja

dekhu jo teri muskan mai
fulo se behta jal ho jaise
chupa le muje apne seene me
is raat tu na ja


i never met her
never saw her
never talked to her but
still misses her

the feeling is very different from
i feel for her
kehte hai na pyar me kabhi kaya aur awaz ki koi jagah nahi hoti
its just the bonding of two souls that matters
thats what i feel for her
but d irony is i will never see her in my life
i will have to keep her in my heart
wishing her all the happiness she can have
and bear d pain of not being able to
touch her

Thursday, April 2, 2009

she is d fluid of my eyes...

i was changing radio channels
trying to avoid getting rubbed by luggages
then my eyes got fixed on you
the looks of urs simply waxed(froze)  me 

you passed by me 
and sat infront of me
i asked you to keep my bag
then i got the chance to touch ur hand(wow....she was so cold)

you asked me about a location
the way you moved your lips
my o my i felt like dreaming
i wondered if cherry wud have tasted more or.......:P

driver stopped d bus with a jerk
i fell over you
i cud smell you
i felt so hot(thanx 2 bus wala..:P)

the breeze was quite harsh
but proved a blessing for me
as u had to steady your hair
you looked so cute while doing that

you got some dirt in your eyes
u tried to remove it
i cud see the kajra in your eyes
you had such a beautiful pair of eyes

sth strucked  me very hard
i lost everythng
my eyes looked for that girl desperately
then i heard a harsh voice of my mate
asking me to leave the bus
as the stop was here
when i came to senses
i came to know it was just a dream
i had a nice fantasy in the journey 

blaming others?????...come on....

elections are around the corner.within a month and a week latter we WE will know  who is gonna be the d owner of 7th RACE COURSE villa for next 5 yrs.
i am very excited cuz m gonna cast vote for the 1st time for lok sabha elections.i will use my vote and make a contribution to choose a leader. i have made my decision and i m here to help u to make a decision.either stay @ home on your couch bitching all  leaders with your wife,who is not at all listening 2 u or go and cast your vote.
i hear people making comments on cabinet ministers,sports persons especially cricket(the god of al sports in india). its easy to pass comments,its even easier to point out the loopholes.....but its very very difficult to make decisions and take steps that are going to affect a billion people that means even if you are not able to fulfill the demands of a mere thousand,they are gonna start marching right in front of ur office or jantar mantar(always jamming d traffic...i hate that...bastards!!!!!...) and let the whole world know;thus defaming the country.....ministers know that very well,but still they manage to get through of this and try 2 convince every1.....
we dont deserve to challenge them,they are doing a far superior job than we expect.i am not ruling out the possibility of improvement,their is always a scope for a change,like obama said.....but this change has to be from within ourselves....
its us who are going to use the right to vote and elect world class leaders that will run the worldz biggest democratic country(saying it is itself making me feel so proud).
so please go and choose d one whom u want to see as your PM and if u cant,stop pretending as if you care about the country cuz you dont,so peace off and sleep tight.
i will go and use my vote.......

ps: i dont know y people choose dumbos like chi chi(he dosnt even know the maening of an interview he said..."i love it when people file PIL for me,frnds close 2 me always do that....."....chi chi u r such an idiot and veeru(sholay) and make a joke of the constituency and yellowing lok sabha.....thank god baba is denied to run for elections....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

now this a joke.......

                                                 "height of joke"

a friend of mine sent me this joke,i tht i shud share it wid u guys.....

a guy after a gr8 time wid his gf.....he sneaked into her purse(bag of mysteries)...
he found a guyz pic and asked his gf...

boy: is he ur ex - guy??

girl: (kissing him) no datz me b4 operation.

taste yourself...

                                   taste  your  own  
                                   the feeling is