Monday, January 26, 2009

taliban in india....

today we are celebrating 60th anniversary of india being a republic country.
but india is shamed again by some fanatic and hooligans of a moral policing group.
some men got into a pub and dragged women out.some of the footages i saw in cnn-ibn showed those girls being slapped by those bastards and some even fell on the ground.
what a horrifying scene for you really think those girls will ever dare to go there??
can we imagine the trauma they went through???no we can't......
i am really feeling ashamed of being a part of a sex group which is involved in such inhuman activities.
the hooligans chased those girls like shit and attacked guys who were trying to protect them.
some girls were also seen being assaulted by those a**holes....
even now if i imagine myself being in such situation....i feel too scared......even though i m a guy....

i hope govenrment act soon and take action against those criminals under anti-terror laws because they are no better than terrorists.

note: i take no credit for the pictures,these  are taken from internet.these are the real pictures of mangalore pub attack

is that what we call love...???

i never begged u 2 luv me,
i never will,
but i want to keep dat glow in my heart,
i want 2 experience d smell of ur shampoo,
i wanna c u d way u find ur place on my shoulders,
i wanna smile wen u say hi 2 me,
i wanna c u d way u eat,
i wanna use my thumb 2 take d extra part of a noodle 4m ur lips

i love d way u smile,
bcz its precious 2 me,
i love d way u dress even if it takes u so many hrs,but its worth,
i want u 2 slap me,so dat i can feel d warmth of ur soul

i apologise if i ever hurt u,
i want u 2 hurt me,bcz i knw afterwards u will give me a kiss,
i can do anythng 4 ur smile,
i love d way wen u say"i miss u"

but wen i see tears in ur eyes,
i wish i can change dat bloody world 4 u only.

i have only 1 request 4 u,
plz never ask me 2 stop loving u,
even if i cherish dat hope in my heart,
it will hurt me not u.