Monday, January 26, 2009

is that what we call love...???

i never begged u 2 luv me,
i never will,
but i want to keep dat glow in my heart,
i want 2 experience d smell of ur shampoo,
i wanna c u d way u find ur place on my shoulders,
i wanna smile wen u say hi 2 me,
i wanna c u d way u eat,
i wanna use my thumb 2 take d extra part of a noodle 4m ur lips

i love d way u smile,
bcz its precious 2 me,
i love d way u dress even if it takes u so many hrs,but its worth,
i want u 2 slap me,so dat i can feel d warmth of ur soul

i apologise if i ever hurt u,
i want u 2 hurt me,bcz i knw afterwards u will give me a kiss,
i can do anythng 4 ur smile,
i love d way wen u say"i miss u"

but wen i see tears in ur eyes,
i wish i can change dat bloody world 4 u only.

i have only 1 request 4 u,
plz never ask me 2 stop loving u,
even if i cherish dat hope in my heart,
it will hurt me not u.

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