Thursday, April 2, 2009

she is d fluid of my eyes...

i was changing radio channels
trying to avoid getting rubbed by luggages
then my eyes got fixed on you
the looks of urs simply waxed(froze)  me 

you passed by me 
and sat infront of me
i asked you to keep my bag
then i got the chance to touch ur hand(wow....she was so cold)

you asked me about a location
the way you moved your lips
my o my i felt like dreaming
i wondered if cherry wud have tasted more or.......:P

driver stopped d bus with a jerk
i fell over you
i cud smell you
i felt so hot(thanx 2 bus wala..:P)

the breeze was quite harsh
but proved a blessing for me
as u had to steady your hair
you looked so cute while doing that

you got some dirt in your eyes
u tried to remove it
i cud see the kajra in your eyes
you had such a beautiful pair of eyes

sth strucked  me very hard
i lost everythng
my eyes looked for that girl desperately
then i heard a harsh voice of my mate
asking me to leave the bus
as the stop was here
when i came to senses
i came to know it was just a dream
i had a nice fantasy in the journey 

blaming others?????...come on....

elections are around the corner.within a month and a week latter we WE will know  who is gonna be the d owner of 7th RACE COURSE villa for next 5 yrs.
i am very excited cuz m gonna cast vote for the 1st time for lok sabha elections.i will use my vote and make a contribution to choose a leader. i have made my decision and i m here to help u to make a decision.either stay @ home on your couch bitching all  leaders with your wife,who is not at all listening 2 u or go and cast your vote.
i hear people making comments on cabinet ministers,sports persons especially cricket(the god of al sports in india). its easy to pass comments,its even easier to point out the loopholes.....but its very very difficult to make decisions and take steps that are going to affect a billion people that means even if you are not able to fulfill the demands of a mere thousand,they are gonna start marching right in front of ur office or jantar mantar(always jamming d traffic...i hate that...bastards!!!!!...) and let the whole world know;thus defaming the country.....ministers know that very well,but still they manage to get through of this and try 2 convince every1.....
we dont deserve to challenge them,they are doing a far superior job than we expect.i am not ruling out the possibility of improvement,their is always a scope for a change,like obama said.....but this change has to be from within ourselves....
its us who are going to use the right to vote and elect world class leaders that will run the worldz biggest democratic country(saying it is itself making me feel so proud).
so please go and choose d one whom u want to see as your PM and if u cant,stop pretending as if you care about the country cuz you dont,so peace off and sleep tight.
i will go and use my vote.......

ps: i dont know y people choose dumbos like chi chi(he dosnt even know the maening of an interview he said..."i love it when people file PIL for me,frnds close 2 me always do that....."....chi chi u r such an idiot and veeru(sholay) and make a joke of the constituency and yellowing lok sabha.....thank god baba is denied to run for elections....