Thursday, April 2, 2009

she is d fluid of my eyes...

i was changing radio channels
trying to avoid getting rubbed by luggages
then my eyes got fixed on you
the looks of urs simply waxed(froze)  me 

you passed by me 
and sat infront of me
i asked you to keep my bag
then i got the chance to touch ur hand(wow....she was so cold)

you asked me about a location
the way you moved your lips
my o my i felt like dreaming
i wondered if cherry wud have tasted more or.......:P

driver stopped d bus with a jerk
i fell over you
i cud smell you
i felt so hot(thanx 2 bus wala..:P)

the breeze was quite harsh
but proved a blessing for me
as u had to steady your hair
you looked so cute while doing that

you got some dirt in your eyes
u tried to remove it
i cud see the kajra in your eyes
you had such a beautiful pair of eyes

sth strucked  me very hard
i lost everythng
my eyes looked for that girl desperately
then i heard a harsh voice of my mate
asking me to leave the bus
as the stop was here
when i came to senses
i came to know it was just a dream
i had a nice fantasy in the journey 


  1. lucky her, she is your fantasy or at least part of it!
    p.s. who is she? ;)