Saturday, August 11, 2012

irshaad kiya hai - 1

"bolne ki himmat hamme nahi,par kehna hum unko bahut kuch chate hai......saamne wo aa jaye to bol nahi payenge,isliye bas likh kar hi izhaar - e - bayaan karte hai " !!!!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

From a sister with Love

"u hav loved priyanka sooo sooo much bt no one can beat the love u hv fr ur parents..."

"mai kahi nahi jaa rhi....i am the woman of my words"

Sunday, February 12, 2012

make voing system easier

I have a suggestion to improve india's voting system...

Government is issuing UIDs to every citizen .... india has 548 million users ....

The biggest issue we face in india's voting system is that even if we have 1 billion registered voters but because of hundreds of issues each citizen face , they can't even go to cast their vote....

But it will be a revolutionary step if we create a mobile application that may allow us to vote through that application by using UID that the voter will be having.

I guess that will be a very good idea in improving our political system.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

dimagi locha...

naseeb me to chao thi,
uske aanchal ki,
man tha sone ka....
par saala ek kutta gaal chaant gaya!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

God bless her

today i am very happy...she has finally got something to cheer about.
she is climbing the ladder of her life slowly but steadily.....

our separation must have devastated a lot but now i just want her to be happy...

right now i am continously thinking of those three word,i want to scream them ,i want to hear those words myself....i want her to listen those words.....

i never wanted you to go....i love you.....!!!!

just one thing baby you should know....nobody can replace you....not in this heart is yours and can only be yours.....!!!!
love u baby love u very much!!!!!
no more tears for you....!!!!

All the best :) !!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anna Battle 1

someone somewhere has started something so that the sons(daughters too) of this country can have a medium to enlighten their deep thoughts.
What we do everyday,we talk,we bitch,we eat n we sleep.but dat guy Mr. Anna is raging against the light from dying.haven't u seen,
not even a single minister dared to come in those protests in delhi atleast,u knw y cuz dey fear us.....n dat too y cuz one 74 yr. old guy is man enuf to show dem who
got d balls buddy...

i am not saying jan lokpal is perfect,n its possible nothing will happen....but datz for sure that someday india is going to turn violent and nobody can stop
that from happening.

Now i understand y british ruled india for over 2 centuries....cuz we criticize never act....n i am also doing the same thing right now....
but i remember those freedom battle writers,i hope i can contribute....

but hey its democracy right,everyone has got right to do whatever they dat really democracy!???

have a nice day :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

aakhir kya kami thi mere pyaar me
ke khuda bhi na mila paya mujse meri ruh ko

chhod du apne sharir ko
par kaise apni aatma ko khud se alag kar paunga

sambhalta nahi ab ye dil mujse bhi
is bhatakte dil ko sambhalti ruh jo nahi
jab jab roya hai dil mera
tab tab tuje paane ki chah kare ye dil mera

dard hota hai jab gujro har wo jagah
cchuta hun har wo patthar jahan se gujra ho mera pyar
sambhaalna chahta hun dil ko
par is masoom dil ko haar gaya hun teri khwaabon me

ae khuda uske har gum mujko mile
uske khush hone ka ehsaas bhi sukuun deta hai mujhko
is dil ki kashmakash me haar gaya hun
phir bhi dil ke bhavaar me majboor hun kyu