Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anna Battle 1

someone somewhere has started something so that the sons(daughters too) of this country can have a medium to enlighten their deep thoughts.
What we do everyday,we talk,we bitch,we eat n we sleep.but dat guy Mr. Anna is raging against the light from dying.haven't u seen,
not even a single minister dared to come in those protests in delhi atleast,u knw y cuz dey fear us.....n dat too y cuz one 74 yr. old guy is man enuf to show dem who
got d balls buddy...

i am not saying jan lokpal is perfect,n its possible nothing will happen....but datz for sure that someday india is going to turn violent and nobody can stop
that from happening.

Now i understand y british ruled india for over 2 centuries....cuz we criticize never act....n i am also doing the same thing right now....
but i remember those freedom battle writers,i hope i can contribute....

but hey its democracy right,everyone has got right to do whatever they dat really democracy!???

have a nice day :)

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