Thursday, April 9, 2009

gray levels in life....

years have gone by....days looked like minutes....and now here he stands.....going to face the real world...uleashing himself and spreading arms to take whatever comes to him.....

a 5 yr old kid never knows whats its gonna like to be alone,cuz his parents always stand by his side and never left him alone.he never goes to a shopping complex without his mom and doesnt know the taste of a wine,cuz he is not allowed to have.he doesnt know how to take care of himself or his parents.he is living in a world fenced by the power of love of his parents.

but now the time has come.when there will be no fencing,there will be no back support from his family...he will be on his own,he is gonna have to stand in the middle of the arena and play the ball game. there will be no stretcher for him even he gets hurt both emotionally as well as physically.he will have to stand on his own and glue his own pieces.
he will go to work,he will date girls,he will have to study for MBA,he will have to send money back home,even if he knows his family doesnt need money ...its just to show that he will never forget his family's efforts in making him an educated and a dependaple citizen of the society.

he will never be looking at the things that he always used to with ,when he was a kid......
he has now got a different perspective of viewing and analysing the situations.....he have to have a self fish kind a attitude otherwise the people sorrounding him are gonna rip him apart.
he cant even afford to trust his school time mate,cuz its a professional world,people have to fight for survival and he has to survive and win.
there is no second chance ,he has to convert every chance that comes into a productive result and let every1 feel the heat,let them burn from inside and do stupid things that will ultimately benefit him.

no matter how much he hides his emotions,he knows he will always need some one whom he can talk to.....and who can that be???offcors that will be a girl......he will search for girls,he will go on dates and read their minds .but he has to be over cautious.......he cant afford to spend money on them just to hook up with them,so he must restrict and wait for the right girl.she will come,whenever HE calls.

and a day may come when a girl leaves him,that may be the worst day of his life......he will be broken to pieces like will get difficult for him to make a come back.....but he has to,cuz everything depends on him......he has to  pay back his loan,he has to complete his MBA,he has to keep sending money to his parents,he has to complete projects within the specified deadlines.....he has to change again,he has to recover from that injury and stop any more blood clots from happening.......he will change and he will rise again from his own ashes like a phoenix does and become what he is meant to be......he will use his energy to pursue happiness cuz money never brings peace neither does love....only the efforts and work he does will  drain him off of all his energy,so that he can go home and sleep in PEACE  still having shoes and his lovely tuxedo on.

                                    "skin remains only suits change"