Saturday, January 31, 2009

saraswati puja......

shri shri saraswatiya namah......
saraswati puja is a ceremonial welcome of spring season,it is celebrated in north india and west bengal.
2day is saraswati puja,so i went to kalibari with mama to perform anjali.mama had asked me to get ready by 8 but i woke up around 9 and had to rush for the anjali.
i wore black jeans and a sweater having black and white strips,dad reached just before the start of last anjali.mama was wearing a yellow sari and its the custom.
the atmosphere was quite electric.......gents were looking good and girls were looking awesome.....:P......
i took the bhog after anjali and sat there 4 sometime.......and came back........

saraswati is the goddess of knowledge and learning,may she always put her hands on us and throw loads of  blessings on all of us.
shri shri saraswatiya namah

Friday, January 30, 2009

can anyone help me.......????

can anyone please tell me the way to forget things......i just wanna know the way to forget things happened in my past.........
i am desperate to know this mantra........cuz i cant erase all the agonies i have suffered whole my life....just wanna feel free and take this load off me......

i am still walking......

when i was born i was crying,
i saw every1  happy,
now as m saying goodbye,
i am happy,every1 is crying,
i am going to the other side,
cuz i am still walking

it took only a minute to have a look on you,
o!  it took an hour to start liking you,
all i took was just one day to start loving you,
as you have walked out of my dream,
its  costing me my life to forget you,
i am going to the other side,
cuz i am still walking

i walked out of my home,
i took the streets and faced things waiting for me,
i saw  highways spilled with red ,
i could see the dead guys all over,
i might not forget the scene forever,
i am going to the other side,
cuz i am still walking

you are my sister ,
i loved you like my daughter,
i always feared of loosing you,
but someone walks into your life,
and it takes few moments to forget me,
and she leaves with a goodbye kiss to me,
i am going to the other side,
cuz i am still walking

you have always been a teacher,
i see you as my mother,
you are the one,
who has always stood by my side,
as you have gone for a long sleep,
your memories are gonna hold me lifetime,
i am going to the other side,
cuz i am still walking

"even GOD can stop and heal you but TIME never stops and keeps running,
so we also need to keep the keep walking"

Thursday, January 29, 2009

i am trying.....

i  dont know what i am trying,
but loosing you has left me ailing,
when you are close to me,
love is so beautiful to me,
when i feel the reality,
i suffer the agony

i dont know what i am trying,
but the glow of your smile is dimming,
when you are crawling over me,
i can see you making love to me,
when i open my eyes all over,
i loose you forever

i dont know what i am trying,
but the shadow of urs is leaving,
when i touch her lips,
i love the way she flips,
when i see my fingers pointless
i cant explain how much i feel helpless

i dont know what i am trying,
the memories of urs has left me dying,
may be i have lost my mind,
i just wanna hold you,
just want you to be here tonight,
i know i will never see you again,
i wish i can sleep forever,
cuz you have taken my breathe away

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

no i cant.....

my friends are asking me to go 4 raaz-2,a horror mystery and  may be another piece of crap by emran hashmi;i dont like him,doesnt matter.......but guys i cant see horror movies yaar....
i am still a bacha,mujko dar lagta hai na.....jokes apart,i have always been scared of horror movies.....
i sleep alone in my room and i see nightmares whenever i see any horror flick......
sorry my dearest dearest friends to let u down but i really cant go.......hope u guys understand.......

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ready to fall.......

                              " my favryt john cena proposing his gf,what a lovely moment"

Joey Fatone Ready to Fall:

I get a feeling I can't explain 
whenever your eyes meet mine 
My heart spins in circles 
and I lose all space and time 

And now that we're standing face to face 
something tells me it's gonna be OK 
And I'm ready to fall in love tonight 
ready to hold my heart open wide 
I can't promise forever 
but baby i'll try 
cuz I'm ready to fall in love tonight 

I know you've been watching 
choosing your moment 
But I've been dreaming of that day 
no one before you has gotten to me this way 

And now that we're standing face to face 
There something I need to say 
and I'm ready to fall in love tonight 
ready to hold my heart open wide 
I can't promise forever but baby I'll try 
cuz I'm ready to fall in love tonight 

Nothing is certain 
this I know 
wherever we're heading 
I'm ready to go 

I can't promise forever but baby I'll try 
cuz I'm ready to fall in love tonight 
yes I'm ready to fall in love tonight 
yes I'm ready to fall in love tonight

 Ready to FallJoey Fatone 

i just love this song.......

Monday, January 26, 2009

taliban in india....

today we are celebrating 60th anniversary of india being a republic country.
but india is shamed again by some fanatic and hooligans of a moral policing group.
some men got into a pub and dragged women out.some of the footages i saw in cnn-ibn showed those girls being slapped by those bastards and some even fell on the ground.
what a horrifying scene for you really think those girls will ever dare to go there??
can we imagine the trauma they went through???no we can't......
i am really feeling ashamed of being a part of a sex group which is involved in such inhuman activities.
the hooligans chased those girls like shit and attacked guys who were trying to protect them.
some girls were also seen being assaulted by those a**holes....
even now if i imagine myself being in such situation....i feel too scared......even though i m a guy....

i hope govenrment act soon and take action against those criminals under anti-terror laws because they are no better than terrorists.

note: i take no credit for the pictures,these  are taken from internet.these are the real pictures of mangalore pub attack

is that what we call love...???

i never begged u 2 luv me,
i never will,
but i want to keep dat glow in my heart,
i want 2 experience d smell of ur shampoo,
i wanna c u d way u find ur place on my shoulders,
i wanna smile wen u say hi 2 me,
i wanna c u d way u eat,
i wanna use my thumb 2 take d extra part of a noodle 4m ur lips

i love d way u smile,
bcz its precious 2 me,
i love d way u dress even if it takes u so many hrs,but its worth,
i want u 2 slap me,so dat i can feel d warmth of ur soul

i apologise if i ever hurt u,
i want u 2 hurt me,bcz i knw afterwards u will give me a kiss,
i can do anythng 4 ur smile,
i love d way wen u say"i miss u"

but wen i see tears in ur eyes,
i wish i can change dat bloody world 4 u only.

i have only 1 request 4 u,
plz never ask me 2 stop loving u,
even if i cherish dat hope in my heart,
it will hurt me not u.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

the executioner of me......

the moment i hurt u,

i executed me

the moment i made u cry,

i executed my soul

the moment i pained u,

i executed my heart

the moment i agonized u,

i executed my eyes

the moment i bruised u,

i executed my senses

now that u have left me,

i m reduced to half

"because u r my  other half"

if i were a girl.....

"beyonce showed her version of pain  through her song in if i were a boy...
  now let me show the version of boys......"

if i were a girl even just for a day,
i wud take out my money,
and threw out a party,
and go out to have fun with other men,

and chase after the wealth they have,
i wud dumb them when i am done,
i am a beautiful girl,
i know they will come after me like dogs

if i were a girl
i think i could understand,
hw much it hurts to see a girl with other guy,
i wish i cud control my lust

i wouldn't give up on him,
because i know how it feels to be alone,
i would attend when he calls in phone,
because he needs to get hone
i know he needs me to stand by his side

if i were a girl 
i would see his  messages,
i would never reply them back,
and pretend like as if i am not watching him

i would make promises to him,
and give him some hope,
when i loose  interest on him,
i would leave him forever,
and turn his life like a dicer

if i were a girl 
i think i cud understand,
how much the heart pains,
when a relationship is destroyed

i wouldn't give up on him,
because i know how it feels to be alone,
i would attend when he calls in phone,
because he need to get hone
i know he needs me to stand by his side

i know its never too late,
if u want u can come into my life,
i wud take u as my wife,
my heart beats for u only

but you are just a girl,
you will never understand,
ya will never understand,
how much it hurts to loose inspiration

you wud give  up on me,
you wud never feel to love me,
you wud never take my call,
you wud never inspire me,
you wud never stand by my side,
because you are just a girl

you are my inspiration......

when i look in your eyes,
i see them glowing,
when i look in your face,
i feel it shining,
i have become a musician.....because......
u r my inspiration....

i was just a jerk before you came,
now i m a man just because you came,
as i know she would be faithful,
waiting for me to come home,
everything i have is .......because....
u r my inspiration.....

you came into my life,
when i was searching for nothing,
now i have got something to fight for,
as i know she would love me forever,
i have grown up to a man........because...
u r my inspiration.....

i used to  run away from responsibility,
then u extended your hands to me,
and showed your faith on me,
you rolled your fingers on my face  and stopped me from shaking,
i have learnt to commit......because.....
u r my inspiration.....

when i was a messy guy,
i used to roll out of my bed and threw out things everywhere,
you came into my room and put them together,
i could see the sweat coming from your neck,
i swear i would be a better man..........because......
u r my inspiration...

i used to be a brat,
chasing after girls i see,
the search has now ended,as i have got u in my life,
if i had a wish,i wud ask for u to be my wife,
i have learnt to be faithful..........because.....
u r my inspiration.....

i used to be a late comer,
i always made you keep waiting for me,
then i saw that tense face of yours,u were so scared of loosing me,
i never understood how much it hurts,
i promise i wud listen to my heart......because....
u r my inspiration....

this whole work is my imagination......

Saturday, January 24, 2009

to rise....

"if the knot of a rope can unleash itself in a storm,
  if a drowned man can awake,
  then a broken man can heal."

the reminiscece.......

the most important thing to have a pure relationship is to trust and remember only one thing.....

"you cannot leave me
 because you need me"

Friday, January 23, 2009

back with a bang......

yes i m back.....

"life teaches you to loose but it also teaches you how not to be a looser".....
so y shud i bother about  a silly friend,.......let him go man.
he is a looser because he lost me.......and he is gonna regret it.
i was polite to him and loyal as well......i did nthng wrong.....
i never lied to him......i was frank and as much honest as i can be....
so i have done nothing its for him 2 regret not me.......
we decide our own courses of actions,not others.....and i will never let anybody 2 play with my life....
you are not authorised to tresspass into my life........yeah its my life.....and i am gonna live it to its extreme limit......oh yeah.......i am back........
so cheers......

"he can be she and him can be her,suit yourself"

my new look......

well i m growing my hair.i always liked to have long hair,so this time i am determined to go with is not so happy with that,atleast once a day he asks me to get my hair cut.
but somehow i manage to tackle him...."papa thand lagti hai na isliye nahi kaant raha hu..:)...".

but i have to tell you its really getting difficult for me to handle my hair......i wonder how girls manage theirs.....
so i am taking some assistance from my sis.......she advised me to do conditioning........
tell u yaar...."pehle nahao shampoo ke sath ;fir conditioner lagake 5 minute baithe raho...and then again wash hair with almost half the bucket....".....ohhhh god.....kitna jhanjhat hai yaar.........
karna to padega na.......i dont want to get bald before  -------- ,ab samajh jao na yaar.......:P......
so c u guys in few days....abhishek with a choti......lolzzzzzzz.........

Thursday, January 22, 2009

keep chasing....

yesterday i was so much depressed,i even considered of shutting down my blog........
thanks to aman,he encouraged me; instead of running away 4m problems,we must face them......
this post is dedicated 2 u buddy.......
i will keep writing and posting until i explore me........because the road is long to cover and i can see that happen.NO matter what happens i will keep writing and writing.........

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

gamo se bhare mausam.......

                                               "kitni dhundhli hai meri ye jindagi"

kaisi hai ye meri jindagi,
kaisi hai ye sajish,
gam ko hai mujse itni dosti,
ansuyo ko hai mujse aisa pyar

gamo ke taufe mujko mile,
tadapte huye pal mujko mile,
jeke fir karna kya mujko aisi jindagi,
chahkar bhi kuch kar na pau,aisi hai meri bebasi

kya khata mujse ho gayi,
khushi chahkar bhi mujse na mil payi,
kaisi kashmakash hai ye jindagi,
kabhi to ayegi khushi

dekhu darwaje ko har pal,
sochu ,tu ayega fir kabhi,
bhar dega wo jakhmo ko sabhi,
is vhram me jee raha hu  abhi

dil karta hai muskurane ko,
thak gaya hu jeete huye aise lamho ko,
bas itni si hai meri khwaish,
chand lamho ke waaste hi sahi,
kat jaye teri baho me meri jindagi

jab wo pal yaad ate hai........

hare huye hai mere zakham,
yaad mujko aa gaye fir wo gum,
chaha tha jisko khud se bhi jyada,
chod gaya hai mujko kahi

kaisi kashmakash hai ye meri,
usne hum se ki na kabhi dosti,
fir bhi pal rahi hai ek aas,
wo kabhi to ayega mere pass

jab wo gujre lamhe yaad ate hai,
hasi ke sang aansu bhi de jate hai,
kaise wo pal the jo kat gaye itni jaldi,
kaise ye pal hai jo kaante nahi katte

tere baatoon ko sunna mera,
tere narajgi bhi par hasna mera,
tere gusse me pyar ka jhalakna tera,
tere dukh me tadapna mera,
kaise tuje ye ehsaas dilau,
kitne yaad ate hai wo pal

Sunday, January 18, 2009

ye hai meri tamanna......

har pal aapki hotho pe muskan rahe,
har gum aapse dur rahe,
apko mile jo khushi humse dur rehkar,
wo khushi aapka daman kabhi na chode

maine diye hai tumhe itne gum,
maula bhi na kar paye jinko kam,
fir tum to ek insaan ho,
jaha bhi raho khush raho

badi muddat se chaha tha tuje,
ye nahi kahunga ke maine paya tha tuje,
par ye jarur kahunga,
jaha bhi tu rahe yaadein humari ayengi tuje

teri baaton me pyar dhudhta tha,
teri muskurahat me khushi dhundhta tha,
naadan hu ke ye bhi na samajh paya,
patthar  ke dil me jazbatoon ki kimat dhundhta tha

"dont worry guys m not in love ..... :)
 btw this is my 1st attempt in hindi "

Friday, January 16, 2009

down with flu....:(

hi guys,the creation of this post is a step to show some sympathy to all who are often blurred and furred by flu.Well ryt now i m also going through the same.

if u feel lazy and weigh more,
if your eyes get blurred ,
and bones start aching a lot,
tell u what my friend,
you are  down with flu

if it takes a lot in lifting your pen,
if your tongue fails 2 distinguish between rasagulla and karela ka juice,
and your nose leaks like niagara fall,
tell u what my friend,
you are down with flu

if u start  liking mukesh,
if u start watching ramdev,
and drinking haldi ka dudh,
tell u what my friend,
you are down with flu

if u love your winter cap and muffler,
if you curl up your body,
and  your temperature is enough to boil eggs,
tell you what my friend,
you are down with flu

"people call it flu but its   hell for me"
i hope it gets over as soon as possible.....GOD BLESS ME.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Make a wish......

i am a wish master,
so make a wish!

pick up your pen and write to me whatever u wish,
will you be  a little genius and stop being a dumbish,
think whatever u wanna have,
and release your thoughts to salve,
i am a wish master,
so make a wish

open your eyes , do whatever you want,
and stop listening to your bitch aunt,
what you have to be afraid of her ??
its time to give her your hisser,
i am a wish master,
so make a wish

i know u see that girl in your dream,
her presence makes your heart scream,
so before it gets too late and u loose your princess,
grab the girl and give her a kiss,
i am a wish master,
so make a wish

i know you wanna apologize for the sins you have done,
and you dont have the guts to make it happen,
who gives a damn of what others will think,
you will feel  like the way a drinker does after a drink,
i am a wish master,
so make a wish

i know you dont like your brother,
he always stands between you and your girl like a blocker,
may be he is jealous of you,seeing her around makes him blue,
just call her sister,latter there will be no issue,
i am a wish master,
so make a wish

i know that you wanna be a rich guy,
but you are just another dull pie,
start hitting on your boss,
to have a nice doss,
i am a wish master,
so make a wish

i know you love shop lifting,
but you are afraid of screweing,
wear that big jacket of yours,
and lift whatever you loves,
i am a wish master,
so make a wish

i know you like that dress,
you dont have the money,i guess,
take a knife inside,
and give the legs a nice divide,
i am a wish master,
so make a wish

i know you are a penny-pincher,
and your girl is a nice money guzzler,
never bring your purse,
and let her face the same curse,
i am a wish master,
so make a wish

Things i hate most...

1. Humiliating someone in public,i  really hate that when sm1 very close does such things

2. When i put my mobile in charging and see that its still getting charged next day

3. When i have got a huge gap between two exams but still start preparations only 4m the day         just   b4   that exam

4. When  i  have 2 wake up @ 5am daily for college

5. When i forget my wet towel on my bed.....i always do that.......
     i tell u sth,it really pissess mama off

6. When i see that girl in "balika badhu" crying so loud........ohhhh god.......kitna roti hai yaar wo  ladki

7. When i have to spend so much time in searching  things  i need most and urgent

8. I really hate listening to himesh reshamiya.You will never find any of his songs in my pc

9. When i forget taking my handkerchief with me.

10. And the last but not least.i hate lies that may hurt.......yes i also lie but 4 gud or just to play a  funny prank on my friends. But i never lie that i know may shatter someone's heart.

you are far better....

if u have parents to be taken care by,
u r better than those,
who live in orphan centres

if u have money to buy food,
u r better than those,
who live on our bits and pieces from garbages

if u have sm1 to love for,
u r better than those,
who spend there nights fighting nightmares

if u have clothes to wear,
u r better than those,
who spend freezing nights in underwears

if u can buy books 2 read ,
u r better than those,
who waste their childhood in producing those books 

if u have a house to live for,
u r better than those,
who spend there nights with sky as there roof

if u have money to live in big cities,
u r better than those,
who loose their loved ones just because of lack of meds

if u have boys as ur kids,
u r better than those,
who loose their daughters in dowry deaths

if u r a boy,
u r better than those girls,
who are raped and tortured brutally just for lust

if u r not in love,
u r far better than those,
who are waited and tested off their patience

Thursday, January 8, 2009

demons always chase me......

demons!!!!! way....m not talking about d real ones......i dont know if dey exist or not.......

m just talking about d dreams i always have........d nightmares dat always scare  me.........
last nyt nite i cudnt sleep.......i saw so many thngs ....i saw dose devils dancing in front of my eyes....i felt as being covered by some black cloak instead of my blanket.......i cud see d images of wings thru my mosquito net........
i feel like dat devil sitting over my chest and choking me.....i  tried to use my hand,hoping to tuch dem.....but i felt nthng.....
dont know what will happen tonite....but i really dont want to sleep........i m really scared now....

every night i sets of dreams comes to me........i feel like as being stripped of lyf....
i feel like cold and dere is never gonna be happiness again in ma lyf.........
i feel like m so alone.....dat haunts me a lot........
i wish i cud have sm1 wid me at dat time
i wish u cud have seen me,wat m goin thru
i wish GOD stops bitching me 
i wish HE stops assaulting me
i wish HE remembers that m just a human
i wish HE understands,i also cry...feel hurt
i wish HE stops filling my ways with hardships
i wish HE stops giving me short term fun.....bcz once hurts a lot....

i wish i cud grab my achievement so hard
can u grab handful of water in your hands tightly????no u always slips away 4m u.....nd tell u what.....datz wat my lyf is all about.......
i cant enjoy like others
i cant  celebrate
i cant go to a restaurant with my parents
bcz i know HE is watching me........and he never tolerates me being happy.......nd sends HIS demons to chase me down.......

wenever i try 2 see d other side of my bed...no1 is dere with me.....
i m thirsty of just one night full of sweet dreams.....i wanna feel happy,playing like a 2 year old kid.....i wanna enjoy the greenery of forests.......i wanna enjoy.......tell u what......i m talking nonsense........there is no point of talking what i want.........bcz i know dat will never happen.......
so ryt now i am preparing myself for tonight......
i wish a day will come,when dey will stop following me........

Monday, January 5, 2009


i dont believe in heaven,
i believe in hell,

i dont believe in live,
i believe in dead,

i dont believe being human,
i believe being insane,

i dont believe in trust,
i believe in lie,

i dont believe in pictures,
i believe in words,

i dont believe in smile,
i believe in sorrow

i dont believe in grave,
i believe in ashes

i dont believe in sun,
i believe in heat,

i dont believe in rain,
i believe in water,

i dont believe in flowers,
i believe in thorns,

i dont believe in healing,
i believe in pain,

i dont believe in guts,
i believe in fear,

i dont believe in doctor,
i believe his signature,

i dont believe in GOD,
i believe in HIS supremacy,

i dont believe in cause,
i believe in  sense

i dont believe in dream,
i believe in wish,

i dont believe in mother,
i believe she is angel

i dont believe in love,
i believe in eternity

i dont believe in  charity,
i believe in survival

i dont believe in friends,
i believe in peace

i dont believe in teacher,
i believe in knowledge

i dont believe in family,
i believe in strength

i dont believe in  job,
i believe in money

i dont believe in education,
i believe in formality

i dont believe in martyrs,
i believe in homicide

i dont believe me,
i believe in YOU

Sunday, January 4, 2009

all i can say is...i miss you....

wherever u are, i want u 2 think of me,
i miss the time, we used to be clingy,
y dont u talk to me ?
i need u 2 be my crony

u said u have lost someone,
u dont have time for anyone,
missing u has left me broken,
i feel like i m threaten

is there sm1 one in ur life ?
i am feeling so much strife,
does he make u laugh more then i do ?
i wish i can make it undo

i wish i can meet you,
just to show you my view,
i wanna know who makes you woo,
i wish that's not true

baby u say u are so busy,
that makes me feel so achy,
baby u say u cant come,
that  makes  my heart so numb

may be one day we can meet face to face,
please allow your heart to make some space,
my love for u is so grace,
i wish we both can enlace


Saturday, January 3, 2009

baby i cant let u go.....

baby!  i was so alone,
then u came 2 add some tone,
baby!  i was so lonely,
then i saw ur face that was so glossy

baby! u said something,
ur words made my heart to sing,
baby! u said u cant come to  me,
o! i cant let u go

baby! u showed ur love for me,
but u never came for me,
baby! its time for u to show,
o! i cant let you go

baby! i have one wish,
make me feel relish,
baby! i love your shadow,
o! i cant let you go

baby!  i smell your cologne,
i wish i can have a clone,
baby!  you always blow me,
o!  i  cant  let  you go

baby! you said  yes to me,
i trusted you so blindly,
baby! you said you dont love me,
o! i cant let you go

baby! you are my dove,
you should have  seen my love,
baby! i ran for you, i came for you,
o! i cant let you go

baby!  please dont leave me,
my heart will become crusty,
baby! i will love you,
o! i cant let you go

why did you come to my life,
you have cut me with a knife,
as you are leaving me,
now i have to let you go.

Friday, January 2, 2009

am i a freak..???

life is not so easy as we see,its quite a bit complicated......bcz its not only you involved in it.....
there are people who are directly or indirectly related to you......
i meet different people everyday........the way i see......i always try to find a friend in every soul.....
i can assure datz not the right way to start conversation.......
there are two ways to follow:
1. every1 is innocent until proven guilty
2. every1 is guilty until proven innocent
well......i  have  always  followed  the  rule # 1......and faced lots of hiccups on my way......
got hurt smtyms.....i smtyms felt like...... sucks.......i wish i cud hurt myself some how.....
i tried to burn my wrists or fingers with drops of wax from a burning candle......i knw am talking insane...but i wish i cud change myself......y cant i follow rule #2...???
i dont knw y.......may be i am not allowing dat to happen.......or may be its my destiny.......
i am not so open with my parents .......i dont have siblings to dur ki baat hai......
with whom am i supposed to share my feelings.......???who will understand my feelings......??
i have tried with some people .......but all of them simply left me.......they  deserted me 
in the middle of no where......

i am thirsty of love.......i want to be taken care of.......yes i do love mama.......but there are certain things....we cant share with our parents.......atleast i cant.......
i mean mama and dad have got enuf pblms to deal........and i dont want 2 burden them with my mess.......what will u do....?? u agree with me........??
smtyms i felt like killing myself......making an end to that series of beatings and sufferings m going thru......
"but lemme tell you something ,lyf is not like a restart button of your only has a turn off facility....once gone can never be reversed.......its precious......
so live it,nurture it and fill every part  of it with music and happiness......."
i always missed something.....i dont knw what.......but there is something missing in me.......
i just need sth 2 complete to me.........i wanna say "yes, you complete me..."

i always wanted to be an artist or a soccer player or a singer or a dancer or a model or a violin artist or a fashion designer......i couldn't pursue it......but y??.....y can't i do what i want........??
am i afraid of what others would say.......?? what if my parents stop talking to me.....??
what if i fail......??what if the society doesnt allow me.....????what if i loose  hope in the middle of my path.....??what if my friends make laugh of me...???i always fear of being left alone......this is the worst nightmare i always have......

"when i close my eyes.
i can see your face,
and the sun shining through,
on the special places of you,

if we remember one,
whetever may come,
we will never be lost,
there will always be a place for us,

the castles we built,
the love we have,
the hope we nurture,
there will always be a place for us."

DTC Girl

As u awl knw my exams are finished.....ya  ya....still a practical is here 2 deal with.....
dont worry yaar....will get my cheats prepared by evening.....:P.

i spent my last week with ma frnds.....nd i really enjoyed dat day.....oh god!..
y good things  come  in  small  pakages...:(

so lemme tell you abt dat girl,i met in the  bus on my way to noida.....
lemme  tell you first,i always try  to sit on the left side of bus....lolzzzzz...hey not always....:P
she  boarded  the bus near  statesman house and asked me 4 sm space....she sat near the window...
you  knw "ke dtc ki gaddi hai.....sheesha kabi sahi nahi ho sakta"(in dtc windows will never be work").......
well  she  was  wearing  that  winter cushioned topi.....covering her beautiful silky long hair.....
she was wearing a brown kurti and a blue denim jeans.....and above all she was about 5'9".....deadly combination i tell you,enuf to make a guy dreaming.
She was  wearing black that time i was wondering,if i cud see her ---- [there are 4 blanks fill urself....:) ].
Well i m a shy i didnt approach ........but she did........i tell u yara i was soooooo much thrilled,excited and in the same time was feeling sooooooo shy  :).
Well she asked me about sec 12-22,i  wondered "cool....mai bhi to wohi ja raha hu...:)"....
She  told me about her professional lyf and her d meantime i was looking at her shining hair smtyms covering her face and smtyms getting stuck on my face too.....thanx 2 dat tuta hua dtc ki khidki.....;)
We talked about our travelling adventure........she had been 2 she told me sth about sydney......she told me about books she read......and mentioned about her last affair.......woooooooo.......itni jaldi woha tak pahucha jaunga.......socha na tha :)......
Trust me guys its very easy to talk 2 a stranger,but still i was hesitating........but she maitained the flow.....and she sensed that i m not feeling so comfortable......and then she said "abhishek its ok with ma....u can talk freely..."well what can i say.......i  really felt gud and confident......and told her about me,my college....and all......
I was thinking if she could  give me her number......kya kare ladko ki adat hoti hai......
ya she did give me sth......but it was a note.......she had written sth on it......."hey abhishek i enjoyed talking 2 you...have a gr8 lyf ahead....."......i was upset not bcz i cudnt get her number.....but d stop was there.......and i wudnt be able to see her ---- ........
but heyyy.......she removed her specs and handshaked with dat was an amazing feeling......mere thande hath garam ho  gaye the :P......and i was just about 2 recover frm my 1st heart attack........she did sth more ........yes she removed her cap.........and started moving her head here and there 4 a while.......i kept on seeing her[tak taki lagaye dekhta raha :)].
Suddenly she noticed me and i started blushing.......but she gave a sweet smile......and left.....

Thursday, January 1, 2009

mama i love u

mama u r d most amazing thing ever happened 2 me,
no matter what  u have always been there 4 me,
you are like a walking miracle,
the hardwork you do,so unselfishly,
makes me grateful to you

the way you take care of me when i m sick,
the way you put your hand on my forehead,
the way you say "i trust you",
the way you  you always forgive me,
the way take responsibility of all my wrong doings,
the way you give me strength when i fall,
the way you pray 4 me ,
the way prepare my lunch,
the way you clean my clothes,
the way you try to hide your emotions blissfully,so that i do not falter,
i gaze in wonder,
how can any one be so pure of heart

when i put my head on your lap,
i feel so calm,peace,refresh in energy,protected,safe,
i can feel like as i am sorrounded by some white energy,
thats possible because you are nothing but RAB in human form

nobody loves me like you mama,
no matter what i do,
good or bad,happy or sad,
you always give me strength,
to face the world,
so that i never falter

i can see you hiding those tears,
when i get hurt,
i wish i can give you the life of queen,
give you all the comfort

the sacrifices and the hardwork you do,
will never go down the drain,
i will never let u down mama,
because i love you,respect you,pray you,
above all,i love you,
you are the greatest mother of all.

"kyunki tujme rab dekhta hai"