Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things i hate most...

1. Humiliating someone in public,i  really hate that when sm1 very close does such things

2. When i put my mobile in charging and see that its still getting charged next day

3. When i have got a huge gap between two exams but still start preparations only 4m the day         just   b4   that exam

4. When  i  have 2 wake up @ 5am daily for college

5. When i forget my wet towel on my bed.....i always do that.......
     i tell u sth,it really pissess mama off

6. When i see that girl in "balika badhu" crying so loud........ohhhh god.......kitna roti hai yaar wo  ladki

7. When i have to spend so much time in searching  things  i need most and urgent

8. I really hate listening to himesh reshamiya.You will never find any of his songs in my pc

9. When i forget taking my handkerchief with me.

10. And the last but not least.i hate lies that may hurt.......yes i also lie but 4 gud or just to play a  funny prank on my friends. But i never lie that i know may shatter someone's heart.

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