Monday, February 2, 2009

my confessions.....

1. i dont do shop lifting ,yet whenever i see any jeans or a jacket  pretty good but have already  ran    out of money;i stick my chewing gum inside them. my apologies to those who ever tried them      out, heyyyyy.....who cares..........

2. i cant  make tea.

3. i am a big penny pincher just like uncle scrooge.

4. "dont show me ut atti,i can break u like glasses within few seconds"--- ya trust me,i can be lethal sometimes.

5. i always throw my wet towel on my bed after bath.

6. i wont like u if u dont like me
    i wont trust u if u dont trust me
    i will kick ur arse if u betray me
    i will love u if u respect me
    so u can say....i have got attitude but for my protection ,only 2 save myself 4m those vultures.
7. i love to make pranks and that can be on any1....any 1 means any1...

8. i dont wash my own clothes.

9. i hate horror movies,cuz i fear watching nightmares of ghosts at night.

10. i love watching cartoon what,does age really matter??

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