Thursday, February 12, 2009

she wants to be with me...i wanna go wild dis tym...!!!

hey girl! i know u r staring at me,
i know u wanna roll with me,
seeing me is driving  u crazy,
may be the looks of mine is very sexy

hey girl!i knw u wanna have some fun,
i know u wanna lick my cheek like melon,
i can see d way u roll ur tongue over d lips,
i knw u r watchng my B

hey girl! there may be a reason thats stopping you
but nothing can ever come between us
so keep yourself burning
cuz i  need that fire while you make love with me

hey girl! i can feel there is sth going inside you
may be d sight of me is simply making you to loose ur big O
so stop pretending of ignoring me
just show  some signs of allowing me to hold you over me

hey girl! there is a notion in me that tells me
that every part of ur body is tingling 
i can assure you a swift lift
just you have to show your belief in me 
just  release yourself on me

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