Monday, March 16, 2009

honor defines a man....

he is a happy go lucky kinda a guy.......he doesnt care about the time he wastes in watchng movies,chit chat and all.....he loves partying,pulling legs of his best guys......he is funny....
he loves flirting with girls......he removes the dust off his books only a week b4 the exams.....
he looks 4 chances to give his backpack to any cute looking girl in a bus.....he loves making friends..
he escapes dtc ticket collectors by showing old ticket for a split second.......phewwww,its really difficult.......
in short......he is simply going with the flow of life....ya its true he is never organised like girls are......he reverts his socks and wear them for another 2 weeks(4 weeks in all).....i know its really disgusting. 

let me ask u sth...what does honor mean to you..???
"honor means maitaining ones integrity,one has to define principles, pesonal standards and follow them"
omg it seems like a serious business 2
he goes through 3 phases of life....with equal responsibilities...

he is a son:

he knows his father is not so happy with him,he knows he will be scolded after getting flunked  in the exam,and his dad does.
he thinks over it for sometime and tries to figure out what went wrong.he cries ,he is angry,he throws his books on the floor,he stops eating......
he knows his father is disappointed,he knows he made a mistake.
he sees his father feeling low in front of his colleagues.he is no longer respected by his own colleagues,even his best mates start teasing him on his failure.
his maths teacher is disappointed as well...she is no longer so kind to give him her notes and assist him for anything.
he looses all his respect in the eyes of his little sister.his girl friend has stopped talking to him and ingnores him whenever he calls her.
he knows he has to prove himself,he has to get back all the respect he deserves.all he wants is whenever he sees himself in a mirror,he never  has to feel shy of his own eyes.he starts working day and night.....he sweats all day and cut through nights without sleep cuz he knows he has to succeed,succeed not  to win hearts but to win his honor back....cuz a man can die for his honor and so he can.

he is a husband:

so he has got someone very special in his life.he loves his wife,respects her more than anyone in his life...she has become the center of his world....
his business is not going so good,he tries to get loan...but he fails...he fails to return his previous loans also....he is depressed,he is depressed about his wife cuz he knows he wont not be able to gift his wife a diamond ring on her birthday this time,that he used to since he married her....
he knows he wont be able to take her to goa on their wedding anniversary .....he doesnt have the money to pay for her shopping,he  wont be able to take her to her favourite restaurant any more........he wont be able to pay for her meds.......he wont be able to pay for her dance classes(her passion)......
he realises that he is no longer a good husband.......cuz he is no longer able to satisfy her needs.he cant keep her happy any more......but he loves her like hell,he wants to see his queen happy again....he just wants to see her smiling again.....
he stops his business,works under those who used to be his own employees,he works works and works....he doesnt give a shit about his self respect.....all he knows he has to win his respect back in her eyes....he has to win her faith on him.......he wants her not to give up on him.......he walks past his own contours and does whatever it takes to get back his previously acclaimed reputation....

"a man is not defined by the work he does,
  he is defined by the manner he works"

he is a father:

he calls his aryan ,takes him on his lap,encircles him with his arms and kisses on his forehead.
these are not just actions of showing love to  aryan.....he is actually trying to make him understand that no matter what happens he is gonna be there,he is gonna be there to protect him from whatever comes in his way and whenevr aryan looses hope he will be there to give his hand to stand up on his foot and start walking with head held high.

aryan is playing with his sister but suddenly he falls in a pit.
he comes for ayanz rescue ,uses a rope,slides down and takes him back home safe....
aryan is scared,he is shivering and boiling.....he comes and sits on araynz left side .......he takes his kidz hand on his right hand and says "son why do we fall...?....we fall only to learn...and when we learn we rise,we rise on our legs....only 2 walk again..."
"failure is the biggest fear that we can ever imagine stops us from going ahead....and when we stop, it hinders our mind from learning....and when our mind stops thinking,we are no longer a human......"
"you are my son....u fell in that pit and u have learnt something,havent you?..."...he smiles...

"a father is like a pillar standing by our side
 he helps us to stand again whenever our legs start shaking
 he walks with us,so that we can take help whennever we have to
 he  gives us light whenever we see dark,so that we can get through
 he heals us whenever we are hurt 
 he encourages us when we fail
 he is like a small glow of fire who  keeps us fueling
 so that we never breakdown"


  1. i have fixed the problem....pour your comments....

  2. He may have thought I didn't see, or that I hadn't heard, life lessons that he taught me,
    but I got every word. Perhaps he thought I missed it all,and that we'd grow apart, but Daddy, I picked up everything, it's all written in my heart.

    Without him I wouldnt have been the woman I am today. He built teh foundations on which I stand and no asshole can take it away. I've grown up with his values and I continue to grow, I'm very glad I did adhere to his words when he called. I am forever grateful to dad. Indeed your light showed me the way abhishek!

  3. LOVE IT.....GR8...I 'VE alwys read bout woman as a mother, sister, gf, wife, wtver u hav written is unique n one of yo best wrks.s...

  4. @seher...
    although we differ in various issues but he is the best guide i can ever have of.....

  5. hey..excellent work mann.. !! u hav really penned down the honor of men !! keep up d gr8 job!

  6. @aman:
    thanx buddy....its ur 1st comment,aur bhi dala karo....samjhe aman ji...:)