Thursday, May 7, 2009

yes i did.....

7th may,2009......ya 2day for d 1st time i casted my vote,i utilised my power of electing a democratic and unbiased party of representatives for parliamentary elections;who will represent us to the world.

although this wasnt the first time i voted,last yr i.e. on 29th nov i  voted for delhi assembly elections.......

although the excitement is not much this time,but still i am happy that my vote will be counted and decide the person who will lead our country  carrying heavy burdens of our expectations.

those who are still @ home bitching political parties and netas...shut up!!! and please please go and choose  your representative,not on the basis of caste but for the sake of growth of our society.
we badly need a corruption free environment....
we need a change and yes we can CHANGE....:)

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