Wednesday, August 5, 2009

reasons of conflicts.....

there are three reasons of conflicts all over the world.....that can be a family feud or diplomatic controversies b/w two big nations.....

1. land

2. wealth

3. woman

- srimad bhagavadgita


  1. Biggest reason of conflicts: Desire;
    The desire of a woman & the wealth (by men)
    So men are the reasons of conflicts..well it depends. and no offense to Bhagwadgita.
    Sonal Arora.

  2. are to yehi to kaha....i dint say women play any role in making disputes.......its d men's desire in d form of lust,love ,jealousy and ego dat leads 2 conflicts......
    m nt saying ki women are responsible for dat....dey are simply dragged into such situations and blamed for most of d thngs dat dey havnt done....
    datz wat bhagvadgita meant......
    gita will never insult a woman....
    i guess i shud have explained d meaning in d post....

  3. yeah i understand
    Thanks for not arguing !!!

  4. 2:20 am ???!!!!!......kya bhai ab bhi raat bhar jagti hai....!!!