Thursday, March 12, 2009

going nowhere....

i liked you since 11th grade
but didnt know if it was really love

i wished if we can meet again
but we lost contact

i met you in college 
but got no jobs to impress you

i got d job 
but  u fell in love with  another guy

i tried to be a gud friend of you 
but  felt the pain of loosing you

i heard u broke up 
but dont know why i felt so suffocated

i rejected your offer of being my best friend 
but still hoped if you ask again(i wished if u can make up with that guy)

i could hear your heart beat
but didnt know if it was for me

i tried millions of times to show my feelings 
but didnt know what stopped me from doing so

finally i proposed you
but u said NO

i knew the answer
but why i felt so bad??

i never loved you
but i felt like the whole world stood still

what the hell has happened to me??
i never felt like that before
i never felt so possessive for anyone
why i want her to say YES  for me
no no no.....its really terrible
i should not take advantage of her
she is a good friend of mine
i must stop...ya i must restrict myself....
she doesnt deserve me...she deserves more than that....

ps: i cant stop writing....cuz i love blogging just as much i love myself ....


  1. i love it....<3....!!! it xpresses evri thing frm grief to every deep emotion...!!
    gud work

  2. thanx shona.....
    oye ye bata...bebo kab se naam pada tera...???

  3. school se hi hai..!! its a story behind it...!!